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Elizabeth Hickox

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Book on Elizabeth Hickox
Basket Weavers for the California Curio Trade
By: Marvin Cohodas Ph. D.

$39.95 + S&H

A book about Elizabeth Louise Hickox and her daughter Louise Hickox.
This Book was published in 1997, by The University Of Arizona Press.

Picture From the Clarke Memorial Museum book:
"The Hover Collection of Karuk Baskets"

The Artwork of Elizabeth Hickox 
can be found in the following online exhibits:

Museums and Art Galleries:

Lidded Trinket Basket

Lidded trinket basket
Peabody, Harvard
Lidded Gift Basket,
 Humboldt University site
Woman's Ceremonial Cap,
 Humboldt University site
Woman's Ceremonial Cap,
 Humboldt University site

Elizabeth Hickox was born in Karuk territory, CA, July 26, 1875 and died in Somesbar, CA,  July 19,1947.  Her second daughter, Louise Hickox was born April 29, 1896 and died Sept. 18, 1962, she was also a well-known basket weaver.

"In 1908 Elizabeth Hickox met Grace Nicholson, the premier basketwork dealer, who operated her business in Pasadena, CA, but who traveled through the far west each summer to collect basketwork and ceremonial objects. Nicholson began purchasing Hickox’s work, and by 1910–11 had acquired exclusive rights to the weaving of both mother and daughter. Nicholson recorded over 90 Hickox baskets in her ledger, identified by number, dimensions and sketches. Nearly half of these are also documented in photographs. Almost no records exist for Hickox baskets woven after 1922, when Nicholson appears to have suspended these ledger entries, perhaps because of her growing interest in Oriental arts. In the late 1920s Elizabeth Hickox produced primarily miniatures, due to the disintegration of the elite market for fine art curios. By 1934 Nicholson ceased collecting from the Hickoxes, who then gave up weaving. The Nicholson materials, which provide most of the information on the Hickoxes’ careers, are divided between the Phoebe Apperson Hearst Museum of Anthropology at the University of California at Berkeley and the Huntington Library in San Marino, CA." (text in quotations from The Grove Dictionary of Art)

Other Web sites with information about Elizabeth Hickox:

Artists Biographies, Elizabeth Hickox

Selling Caps and the Commercial Market

History of Elizabeth & Louisa Hickox

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Montclair Art Museum, New Jersey
 Basket with Lid, C.1895
Montclair Art Museum, New Jersey
Basket with Lid, C.1900

IM00022.GIF (57163 bytes)
Basket, ca. 1910
California, Pomo
Vegetable fiber, feathers, quail plumes, shell
Gift of Mrs. Henry Lang in memory of her mother,
Mrs. Jasper R. Rand


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