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Book on Elizabeth Hickox
Basket Weavers for the California Curio Trade
By: Marvin Cohodas Ph.D.
$39.95 + S&H
A book about Elizabeth Louise Hickox and her daughter Louise Hickox.
This Book was published in 1997, by The University Of Arizona Press.

Curriculum Vitae for Marvin Cohodas

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Achomawi Indian Basket - Atsugewi Indian Basket - Wintu Indian Basket  - Yana Indian Basket Konkow Indian Basket- Nisenan Indian Basket - Yahi Indian Basket
Mechoopda Indian Basket - Panamint Indian Basket - Mission Indian Basket 
 Chemehuevi Indian Basket - Wiyot Indian Basket - Kato Indian Basket - Patwin Indian Basket - Nomlaki Indian Basket - Tolowa Indian Basket - 
Yurok Indian Basket - Paiute Indian Basket- Tabtulabal Indian Basket

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